The St. Philip the Deacon Foundation

Expanding the Ministry and Mission of
St. Philip the Deacon through Legacy Gifts

The St. Philip the Deacon Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization affiliated with St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Minnesota. Its goal is to solicit legacy gifts and provide Christian stewardship of accumulated assets to augment, expand and enhance the mission and ministry of the church. Because the Foundation specializes in the receipt and administration of legacy gifts through wills and other forms of estate planning—and because gifts to the Foundation support the mission and ministry of St. Philip the Deacon in perpetuity—it is the church’s preference that these types of gifts be made to the Foundation, rather than to the church directly. For more information about the Foundation, contact

St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church of Plymouth was established in 1958 by a group of visionary individuals who knew that, with God’s help, their work would last far into the future.

Since that time, all who have become a part of the life of St. Philip the Deacon have built on the solid foundations laid more than 50 years ago. Through contributions of time, energy, love and resources, they have made this congregation what it is today. They have allowed the congregation to joyfully and abundantly live out its mission—to Reach Out, Proclaim, Inspire.

The St. Philip the Deacon Foundation exists to allow individuals to continue to support the ministry and mission of this congregation now and in the future—building on the work of those who preceded them, and joining hands with the many more who will grow to know and love this community of faith during the 21st century and beyond.

How Can I Leave a Legacy?

Your gift to the Foundation should be customized to best fit your particular circumstances. Gifts of all sizes are important and welcomed. Gifts of any size also usually translate into significant tax benefits for the donor.

Please contact the president of the Foundation board or your financial advisor or attorney to determine how you can best leave a legacy that will continue to build on the foundations laid in 1958, and that will lay new foundations for the future of this community of faith. Contact Steve Carnes, Foundation Board President, at

You can also learn much more about how to leave a legacy for St. Philip the Deacon through planned giving at To indicate your desire to leave a gift through your estate, please complete and return this Letter of Intent, which automatically makes you a member of Rejoicing Partners.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Foundation

What is the right amount to give?

There is no “right amount.” We welcome and celebrate gifts of all sizes to the Foundation. The important thing to remember is that contributing to the Foundation isn’t limited only to major gifts.

Can I leave part of my estate?

Yes. You can bequest either a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to the Foundation. You can discuss these options with your attorney.

If I want to participate, do I need to contribute today?

No. If your contribution is in the form of life insurance or a bequest, for example, the Foundation won’t receive the contribution until your death.

Does the Foundation compete with annual fundraising?

No. Contributions to the Foundation are entirely different from the church’s annual operational stewardship appeals or triennial capital appeals, where members are encouraged to tithe annual income. The goal of the Foundation is to give individuals a way to contribute accumulated assets through gifts, wills and other forms of estate planning.

Rejoicing Partners

To recognize those who have included the church or foundation in their estate plans—and to honor their commitment to the future ministry and mission of St. Philip the Deacon—we make them members of Rejoicing Partners. Read more about this honorary society.

Foundation Board Members

Steve Carnes
Bruce Gilmore
Phil Milne
Jeff Pepski
Kevin St. John
Pat Stewart
Lynn Stranghoener
Rebecca Sundquist
Lynn Vettel
Pastor Tim Westermeyer