Special Events for Young Children

St. Philip the Deacon offers a number of special events for children and their families throughout the year. Some of these are listed below. Please check the calendar, call the church office at 763-475-7100, or contact Trisha Ragner at 763-475-7119 or tragner@spdlc.org to get more detailed information about upcoming special events.

Register online for special events.

K-5 Special Events

  • Monthly 5th Grade Gatherings
  • Movie Nights
  • Bible Weekend, when 1st graders receive Bibles
  • Reader and Acolyte Training (3rd-5th Grade)
  • First Communion Preparation

Seasonal Events

  • Vacation Bible School  (Registration begins March 1)
    The dates for VBS in 2017 are June 12-15.
  • Scout Program
  • Summer Camps
  • Field Trips
  • Summer Faith Creek

Family Ministry Special Events

  • Family Christmas Celebration
  • Easter Hunt
  • Family Gatherings and Dinners
  • Fall Festival

Music Events and Choirs