Weekly E-news Emails

Faith Creek Preview

Every Thursday, we send a short email to parents of students enrolled in Faith Creek (St. Philip the Deacon's church school for preschool through fifth grade) providing a summary of what the children will be studying during the upcoming weekend. Our hope is that this helps parents have good discussions with their children after they attend Faith Creek. You can sign up to receive Faith Creek Preview emails at the bottom of this page. (When choosing the email lists you want to join, check the "Faith Creek Preview" list.) Faith Creek Preview is sent out every Thursday.

SPARK Preview

Each Thursday, we send parents a short e-mail with basic information about the Bible stories and themes our 2- and 3-year-olds will cover in the Childcare Center. (This information is also provided for families in a take-home packet available during the weekend in the Childcare Center.) You can sign up to receive SPARK emails at the bottom of this page. (When you choose which emails lists you'd like to join, check the "Spark Preview: 2- and 3-year-olds" list.)
Please contact Liz Nelson, Early Childhood Ministry, with any questions at 763-475-7129 or lnelson@spdlc.org